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UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

The Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California San Diego offers excellence at scale in research, education, public service, and technology transfer. With a faculty of 279 members and over 9,600 students spread across six departments, it stands as a prominent engineering institution, fostering innovation and academic excellence. The Jacobs School consistently ranks among the top engineering schools nationally, reflecting its commitment to excellence and leadership in the field. At UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, bold possibilities become realities.



Increase in monthly users during the initial paid advertising phase

(July vs. October)


Increase in monthly users through paid advertising optimization

(October vs. February)


Ad impressions

since launch


Ad clicks

since launch


Web visits through advertising


Average cost per click (Industry standard $0.47 (Google Display) and $3.70 (Google Search)


Increase in

organic search traffic


Increase in

direct traffic


The partnership between SFG and the Jacobs School was aimed at advancing the school's brand growth and digital presence. Through collaborative efforts, the primary goals were to increase website traffic significantly, enhance brand visibility and recognition within the industry, improve search engine rankings, and bolster engagement across social media platforms. Additionally, the partnership sought to foster a dynamic online community and nurture relationships with prospective students, alumni, donors, and industry stakeholders. By aligning strategies and leveraging the expertise of both parties, the overarching aim was to position the Jacobs School as a leading institution in engineering education and innovation.


SFG implemented a comprehensive strategy to achieve the Jacobs School's brand growth objectives, leveraging both organic and paid tactics across various digital channels:

  • Employed strategic search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns targeting relevant keywords to enhance website visibility and organic traffic.

  • Developed segmented and engaging email marketing campaigns tailored to specific demographics, driving user engagement and website visits.

  • Utilized retargeting strategies to re-engage previous website visitors and nurture them through the conversion funnel.

  • Implemented a robust paid advertising strategy across industry-relevant websites and platforms, focusing on targeted display ads and retargeting campaigns to maximize reach and engagement.

  • Aligned social media content strategy with audience interests and engagement themes while also leveraging paid advertising to amplify organic reach and drive follower growth.

Through this multifaceted approach, SFG aimed to increase brand awareness, influence rankings, and enhance social media presence while prioritizing a balanced integration of organic and paid efforts to adapt to evolving market dynamics and competitive landscapes.


Our collaboration with the Jacobs School yielded significant outcomes, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategies and the impact on their digital presence:

  • Analytics Consolidation: We successfully unified over 50 standalone analytics instances into a single robust account, streamlining data management and enhancing efficiency.

  • User Growth: We witnessed substantial growth in monthly website users through strategic advertising initiatives. Initial advertising efforts resulted in a remarkable 149% increase, followed by an additional 99% boost through optimization. This increase translated to a surge in user engagement, with February marking the highest performance month.

  • Advertising Performance: Since the launch of our advertising campaign, we have achieved impressive metrics, including over 41 million ad impressions, 1.5 million ad clicks, and 613,000 web visits. Notably, our average cost per click was $0.02, significantly below industry standards, showcasing the efficiency of our approach.

  • Impact on Organic Referrals: Our efforts bolstered web traffic through advertising and had a notable ripple effect on organic referrals. Organic search traffic witnessed a substantial increase, indicating improved visibility and relevance. Similarly, direct traffic nearly doubled, reflecting heightened interest and engagement.

"Through our collaboration with SFG, we've achieved significant milestones at the Jacobs School, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in education. Together, we implemented strategic initiatives that enhanced user engagement and propelled our institution forward in the digital landscape. This partnership has been instrumental in achieving impactful results that resonate across our digital platforms, underscoring SFG's expertise in driving success."

- Dean Albert P. Pisano, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

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