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Empowering nonprofits for success, Shaff Fundraising Group (SFG) seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology services like GenerosityHub with our extensive fundraising expertise. From annual giving to advanced analytics, campaign planning to digital engagement, SFG delivers holistic solutions. Leverage data-driven strategies and innovative technology for impactful fundraising results.

Technology Services

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Welcome to GenerosityHub, where innovation meets impact. Our cutting-edge Digital Donor Behavior Solution transforms how organizations connect with their supporters. Powered by advanced analytics, seamlessly integrate and transform your fundraising strategies. Elevate connections, elevate impact.

Fundraising Services

SFG maximizes nonprofit fundraising through data-driven strategies. Services include annual giving, campaign planning, organizational management, analytics, coaching, social media, digital ads, content marketing, engagement strategy, and media relations. Partner with us for impactful results.

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