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Teachers College, Columbia University

Teachers College, Columbia University partnered with Shaff Fundraising Group to gain insights, visualize impact and growth, and report key performance indicators for teams across their division, including omnichannel, donor relations, and major gifts. Currently ranked #1 in the country as a “Best Education School” (2023) by U.S. News and World Report, Teachers College is a leading graduate school of education. 



Visualizations created highlighting key performance indicators using CASE standards and forecast results.


FY24 Donors

within 3 Months


Forecast models for donor revenue and donor count over the next

5 to10 years.


Total Amount

from FY24 Donors


Standard Operating Procedures for continued adaoption, and usage. 


FY24 Donors

≥Ask1 Amount


Increase in LYBUNT Conversions


There were three objectives. First, create highly visual reports for Teachers College to assess their performance over time across multiple teams in a division-wide accessible format using the technology available to current staff—using the latest CASE guidelines and AFP definitions in the dashboard calculations. Second, using multiple forecasts and regression models, determine the long-term forecast of the Teachers College Advancement program for donor count and revenue. Identifying if there are any causal relationships to the program’s previous success. Third, disseminate the results to Teachers College staff through presentations and visualizations to leadership and conduct team-based training sessions for a seamless post-project transition.


  1. Understand the data structure and technology landscape at Teachers College to provide informed recommendation on calculations, data needs and future visualization updates.

  2. Create the dashboards and forecasts in sprints, with Teachers College reviewing the output from sprint 1 while SFG worked on sprint 2 deliverables.

  3. Produce standard operating procedures that meets the needs of the team at Teachers College to use in the long-term when making fiscal year updates to the projections.

  4. Make recommendations to Teachers College based on the familiarity with the data, the long-term needs of leadership, and best practices in the field.


  1. Evaluated existing reports and data structures with stakeholders to optimize visualizations and ensure efficient knowledge transfer.

  2. Assessed data structures for stakeholder alignment and industry best practices.

  3. Created user-friendly visualizations adhering to CASE standards and AFP definitions, resulting in an 85% increase in LYBUNT conversions.

  4. Within three months, 987 FY24 donors contributed $342,482.10 after implementing new ask strings, with 652 donors giving ≥Ask1 amount.

  5. Structured forecasts for easy user identification of critical information.

  6. Provided training tools, including a shared Teachers College platform sandbox, for ongoing updates by the team.

We are truly impressed with SFG's outstanding work. Their expertise in visual reports, forecasting, and recommendations has significantly boosted our advancement program. SFG's commitment to best practices and industry standards has greatly enhanced our performance insights. 

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Sample Visualizations

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