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The Obama Foundation wanted to implement a digital marketing and fundraising strategy to increase revenue, acquire new donors, and improve online visibility. SFG provided an immediate and long-term impactful, scalable, and measured approach to secure their goals and, further, the Foundation's mission to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.



Donation Return Secured


Engagement Impressions


Giving page was #1 visited page on site


of gifts were by new donors


The Obama Foundation seeks to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world. The organization partnered with SFG for a winter 2022 campaign to create, scale, and measure its digital marketing fundraising strategy. Together, the Foundation grew philanthropic support by attracting new and retaining current supporters by optimizing digital fundraising efforts.



  1. Increased Revenue: SFG's campaign secured a total revenue of $64,500

  2. Acquisition of New Donors: The campaign attracted 304 new donors 

  3. Improved Online Visibility: SFG's optimization of the Google ad and the foundation's giving page resulted in the donation page becoming the most visited page on the website.

  4. Effective Digital Fundraising: SFG leveraged Google as the sole platform for the campaign, utilizing organic search and paid advertisements to drive traffic and donations.

  5. Targeted Donor Engagement: SFG's email retargeting strategy successfully engaged website visitors who initially did not donate, securing the largest gift size from this segment.

"The Obama Foundation values the exceptional guidance, invaluable insights, and  support provided by SFG. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success of this campaign, enabling us to achieve outstanding results that would not have been possible without their expertise and collaboration."

- John Grice, Annual Giving Manager, Obama Foundation

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