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The University of Oklahoma Foundation

SFG supported The University of Oklahoma Foundation in its aim to increase donor acquisition, retention, and philanthropic growth through strategic digital marketing. The University of Oklahoma Foundation is an independent charitable organization that facilitates and manages philanthropic gifts to support The University of Oklahoma. 



Data-Driven Digital Strategy 


Segmented Audience Profiles


Ad Conversion Rate 

3.5 M

Secured Impressions


SFG partnered with The University of Oklahoma Foundation to empower them in designing, implementing, and measuring their digital marketing strategy with a primary focus on donor acquisition, retention, and fostering philanthropic and engagement growth. The collaboration aimed to enhance the Foundation's understanding of SEM, SEO, and social media practices while providing support for their annual 2023 “Give Sooner” Giving Day Campaign. The goals included gaining insights into donor behavior, customizing outreach efforts for specific audiences, evaluating the effectiveness of various approaches, optimizing the Foundation's online presence, and developing a comprehensive understanding of their digital donors and engagers. The ultimate objective was to successfully implement, scale, and measure the impact of these initiatives.


SFG enhanced the organization's understanding of SEM and SEO practices through training and coaching sessions. To support their “Give Sooner” Giving Day Campaign, SFG conducted operational reviews, identified effective social media and digital strategies, captured data for donor journeys, and conducted an ROI analysis. These strategies and actions collectively aimed to increase donor acquisition, retention, and philanthropic growth, while improving overall fundraising and engagement efforts for The University of Oklahoma Foundation.


  1. Equipped team with the capability to effectively measure and analyze results, informing future strategies and initiatives for continued success.

  2. Enabled the Foundation to make data-driven decisions, leading to highly effective communication strategies.

  3. Achieved a substantial increase in online visibility and engagement, securing over 3.5 million impressions from paid ads.

  4. Established a thriving ecosystem of long-term donor engagement.

  5. Generated a 48 percent ad coverage rate, securing a conversion rate over 30 percent higher than the industry average!

SFG's partnership has been a game-changer. Their expertise and dedication have led to remarkable success in our program and the professional development of our team. 

- Bob Amico, Executive Director for Annual Giving & President’s Associates at The University of Oklahoma Foundation

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