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Five Unique Ways to Enhance Fundraising & Engagement With AI

The latest in AI technologies that can be easily applied to any nonprofit fundraising and engagement team!

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While AI technology is not intended to replace development, engagement, marketing, and broader advancement teams, it has the potential to significantly enhance their strategies. Teams that leverage and optimize their strategies with AI technology are likely to achieve higher levels of engagement and fundraising success compared to those that do not.

Below are five innovative approaches for implementing, scaling, and optimizing AI within an advancement or development team. Additionally, we've included a bonus sixth tool!

Enhance your Website Header AIOSEO

Even with a robust paid budget, your number one source of website traffic is likely organic. Your team spends hours creating content for these main and subpages. But if your headlines aren't highlight rated, the likelihood of someone coming to your page diminishes. Make sure you are are crafting irresistible SEO headlines that drive traffic, shares, and rank better in search results. Suggested users: Marketing/Communications, Annual Giving

Optimize content, and streamline strategies with ChatGPT

This is one of the most popular AI tools. The primary function is to generate human-like text responses based on the prompts or questions it receives. Need an additional editor for a newsletter? Ask ChatGPT to act like a editing expert and review your content. Want to know the steps to take when crafting a market analysis for a comprehensive or capital campaign, ask it to create and detail the steps for it without help. Want to create a compelling stewardship piece based on age targeting millennial or gen z donors? Ask it to do so. The support for fundraising and engagement teams are endless with this platform. Suggested users: Gift Officers, Donor Relations, Marketing/Communication, Advancement Research, Portfolio Optimization, Annual Giving.

Turn Text Into Voices with Filki

We all love personalized videos that are used for solicitations, invitations, donor relations and even broader communication pieces. Take that personalization a step further and easily turn your written text into a voice over with an avatar.

Suggested users: Gift Officers, Annual Giving, Phonathon, Engagement, Donor Relations and Event teams.

Flair AI for Design

Need more collateral that aligns with your brand standards? Flair Ai can generate photoshoots for print and digital in a matter of minutes. This tool is exceptionally helpful for teams doing solicitations connected to a swag or premium item, or those using social media for engagement and solicitation purposes.

Suggested users: marketing/communications, donor relations, annual giving.

Generate Tutorials with Scribehow

As the saying goes, the value of advancement technology and data is directly proportional to the quality of input. Shaff Fundraising Group takes this concept to the next level by emphasizing that the effectiveness of platforms and data depends on a systematic approach. Scribehow is an easy and scalable platform to enhance and optimize or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), develop comprehensive training materials, and implement other relevant measures.

Suggested users: Advancement Services/IT, and HR

BONUS: Create & automate social media strategy with Syllaby

This tool would be a great addition for those who want to use social media for engagement, lead generation tactics, or even solicitations but don’t have the resources for a robust social media team. Suggested users: Marketing/Communications, Campaign, and Annual Giving teams.

Final Thoughts

While AI technology is a powerful tool for fundraising marketing, front-line fundraisers, researchers, and all other departments, it is important to recognize that it is not a magical solution. Advancement and development professionals can leverage AI to identify donor preferences, personalize communication, optimize campaign targeting, streamline content, and even predict donor behavior.

Onboarding and testing these AI technologies is a great way to scale your team without adding staff, identifying areas of growth and opportunity, and creating a more personalized experience for your current and potential supporters and broader constituency.

Overall, combining human knowledge and experience with AI technology, fundraising professionals can unlock new opportunities and achieve greater success in their fundraising efforts.

Shaff Fundraising Group is a consulting firm specializing in fundraising, marketing, and analytics. We take pride in our independent approach, free from technology affiliations with SaaS and other companies. This allows us to provide objective, solutions-oriented support to our client partners and the wider fundraising and engagement community.


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